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Historical Place of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali Mazar in Bangladesh

Man is not satisfied with what he has seen and known. He wants to see more and know more. He wants to get flavor of the historical places, so I whenever I get an opportunity, I visit a place of historical interest, I got such an opportunity to visit Bagerhat, a great historical Place in Bangladesh.

The Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali is a fine one storied building. It has a beautiful dome. Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali was buried there. The tomb is made of cut of stones. It can not be accurately said where from these were brought. It is said that Pir Khan Jahan Brought these from chittagong by flotting on water, on the tomb there are inscription in Arabic. An inscription says that he died on 25th October 1459. There is a small mosque nearby. A close associate of Khan Jahan Ali was buried outside the tomb, on the night of the full moon of the Bangla Month Chaitra (March & April) a big fair is held beside the Mazar. many people attend the fair.

There is a big tank in front of the Mazar, the local people call it the Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali. There are some crocodiles in the big tank. They come near fakirs call them and give them something to eat. I saw the Dighi with my own eyes and derived much pleasure

It is a big and beautiful building the mosque is beautifully decorated it is said that it was used as mosque by Pir Khan Jahan. The mosque has great attraction for the tourists and visitors. Bageraht is really a place of historical interest.

Historical Place of Mahasthan Garh in Bangladesh

Bangladesh figures very prominent in history since the very ancient times. She has witnessed many ups and downs of history. There are many places of historical interest in Bangladesh. One such place is Mahasthan Garh. It is about eight miles away from the district town of Bogra In Bangladesh. Mahasthan was the capital of Bengal during the reign of the Pal Kings. Some of the Pal Kings were very powerful. They were Buddhists. During their rule a great Buddhist civilization flourished in Bengal. It is paid the Shah Sultan Ibrahim, a great devotee and preacher of Islam, Came to Mahastan Garh from Balkh of Iran. His Great influence gave rise to enmity with the then rulers of Mahastan. As a result some clashes took place with the ruling kings. But Sultan Ibrahim at last won the battle and succeeded in his mission. This great saint and his disciples lie buried here. The place is thus sacred for both he Buddhist and the Muslim. At Mahastan Garh Excavations were made and many statues were found. The have been kept for display in the near by Museum. The stone made statuses of Buddha. Some old coins and old specimen’s architecture show that a high standard of civilization prevailed here.


Wonderful Places of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a darling of nature. Many wonderful places have situated in our country. Cox-bazaar is one of them. It is the highest natural beauty in our country. It has situated of north side in our country. It looks very nice and chirming place. It is the big Sea-Beech in the world. Now days it is the most popular in the world. Every seasons changes the beauty of Cox-bazaar. Every year many people come to traveling the sea beech. Cox bazaar is competing of the seven wonders in the world. I hope that it will select in the seven wonders in the world.